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My name is Shana Lewis. I'm 21 years old.

I listen to old music from the 50s to a little of the 80s. I love classic rock, anime and Conan O'Brien is my rolemodel.

Mar 11 2014

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Uryu: *a volley of arrows takes down a Hollow* *off-screen* It’s unfortunate for you that when you had this building constructed, you didn’t consider having it made out of seki seki. I could sense your spiritual pressure through three walls. *appearing from behind smoke* What’s wrong?You look like you’ve taken quite a beating, Renji Abarai.

Me: OMG Uryu that was kinda mean and arrogant but badass.

Mar 11 2014


Day 21: Least Favorite Arrancar

The other “least favorite” question I have enough of an opinion to answer, because Nnoitra and Szayelaporro SUCK. On the left we have the raging misogynist, who tried to kill someone for committing the grave sins of being both female and better than him; on the right we have the guy so inhumane he forces you to root for Mayuri Kurotsuchi, a vile enough crime on its own.

Both of them ended up getting defeated because I HATED THEM TO DEATH.

I am in complete agreement. I hated these two. 

Mar 11 2014
Bleach 30 Day Challenge
Mar 11 2014

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Mar 09 2014

Ishihime: In anime.

I just now discovered the beauty that is Uryuu x Orihime. I don’t know what episodes these others are from except the first one which I think is from the Soul Society arc. I last left off on episode 178 in one of the filler arcs. 

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Feb 26 2014
Feb 26 2014


Favourite Gilmore Girls scenes in no particular order [7/?]

3x8: Let the Games Begin

"I walk in here and the two of you are like shrapnel.

I love Luke Danes.


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Feb 26 2014


"Yuki is my dear girl. The only one in the entire world."

Feb 26 2014


My top 10 Opening's: 10/10 Vampire knigth Opening 

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